Writing is a skill for life. It enables and empowers  children to express their ideas, views and opinions to the world.   At the Deans the ability to write effectively and efficiently is central to our educational offer.

Writing is a complementary skill to reading.  The two are intrinsically linked. High quality writing depends on reading high quality texts across a wide range of genres.   Children need to discuss, engage with, understand and  explore high quality writing that deepens their understanding of the structures, features and vocabulary. It is only after mastering core physical writing skills and the mechanics of a particular genre, that children can then express their individual voice and style through the written word.  In order to reach this goal by the end of Year 6 we intend through our curriculum to:

  1. Develop the physical skills of writing
  2. Enable children to use a wide range of vocabulary to express themselves efficiently and in a nuanced way
  3. Promote and enjoyment of creating and crafting the written word.
  4. Enable children to master the mechanics of writing for different purposes, specifically:
  • Writing to Entertain
  • Writing to Inform and understand
  • Writing to Persuade
  • Writing to Discuss

This policy should be read in conjunction with our Reading Policy and Vision Document

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