Religious Education

Religious Education at The Deans

R.E is an essential aspect of children’s education. Through discovering and learning about different religions and cultures, children are able to both create a sense of identity and develop their understanding about their own faiths and cultures as well as understanding that we are all part of one global community.

In R.E we aim at the Deans Primary school to understand different cultures as well as understanding that there are also similarities between different religious communities. Therefore, R.E is taught in a thematic way in which children are able to broaden their understanding of religion through providing them with knowledge, an understanding of the values of different faiths, the ability to recognise symbols of religion as well as exploring different religions within the children’s own community. This will be achieved through lessons focusing around local places of worship and through lessons aiming to celebrate the diverse faiths and beliefs within our own school community through encouraging children to discuss and share their own traditions as well as in collective worship. This will be further enhanced through school trips to religious centres and places of worship as well as school visits from prominent religious figures in the area.

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