Design and Technology

Design and Technology at The Deans

At The Deans Primary school, we hope to give all of our students access to high quality teaching and learning that will inspire, engage and challenge our children in all subject areas. We aim for staff and children to greatly improve their subject knowledge, vocabulary, design techniques and skill sets. We aspire for children to begin to develop the skill of iteration within EYFS and continue to build upon this key skill throughout their time at The Deans Primary.

Design and Technology gives pupils an opportunity to think creatively. At The Deans we encourage children to use their imaginations to design and make products that create solutions to real and relevant problems. During the planning process at The Deans we develop our thinking skills and remind children to consider their own and others’ needs. Making mistakes is integral to learning and we support this greatly in Design Technology. The children are taught to use this as an enhancement, reinforcing the process of iteration and embedding a growth mindset. We encourage our pupils to take risks, make changes and adapt their product as it develops.

Through the use of National Curriculum guidance we aim to provide opportunities for children to develop skills alongside the design process. These skills are related to food technology, textiles, structures and mechanisms. We enrich and enhance each Design and Technology experience by linking skills to topic based work in each year group, including isolated design opportunities during cultural events. We want Design and Technology to be embedded in each aspect of the school, this includes offering opportunities that link to philosophy for children and global learning.

We live in Salford, Greater Manchester, a city built on innovation and creativity. A city rich with culture and we feel pupils should gain an understanding of how design both reflects and shapes our local history, contributes to culture and the creation of their surroundings. Innovative thinking is what made Manchester what it is today.

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