Art at The Deans

At The Deans Primary school, we hope to give all of our students access to high quality teaching and learning that will inspire, engage and challenge our children in all subject areas.  With the help and guidance of qualified art specialist Mr P. Hall, we have designed a wonderful, rich curriculum that helps staff and children to greatly improve their subject knowledge, artistic vocabulary and skills using a variety of artistic mediums and materials.

As part of our Art and Design curriculum we want to instil a passion for art and design that the children can develop and use throughout their lives.  We believe that increasing their knowledge and understanding of the arts helps our children to develop character and talent and gives them a healthy way to express themselves.

Our school aims to develop a growth mindset within our pupils and so we encourage our children to be resilient and resourceful, to make creative choices and take risks in their art and celebrate learning from any mistakes. We aim to build on the creative and artistic aspirations of each child and we strongly believe that children should be given the opportunity to share their artwork both within the school community and beyond.

We enrich and enhance art learning through carefully planned integrated experiences linked to our class learning topics, cultural events, philosophy for children and global learning goals. We live in Salford, Greater Manchester, a city rich with culture, and we feel pupils should gain understanding of how art and design are reflected in and have shaped our local area, and contributed to developing local culture and creativity.

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