School Information

Our Vision

Our vision at The Deans Primary School is to create an environment which is both stimulating and interesting and yet is the environment of a family with a happy, honest and tolerant nature, where each is valued and respected as much for their differences as for their similarities.

We try to engender values and attitudes of the highest standard which allow each child to reach his/her full potential.

We hope to develop natural talents to the full and to equip each child with a set of social and life skills to enable them to take up their future role in society.

Our aim is for a well balanced child, both emotionally and intellectually, with the individual being aware that she/he has obligations to the community as well as rights within it.

This vision is reflected in our Mission statement:

“Quality Education through High Expectations.”

Our Aims

To give children experiences and an understanding of the world that opens their eyes to life’s opportunities and gives them the skills and passion to follow them.

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