Reporting Absence

If your child is off school for any reason, please ring the school office on 0161 728 2089 before 9am, or as soon as possible, to let us know why. A message may be left if there is noone available to answer your call. We may call you back to clarify some details with you if appropriate.

If your child is off school for more than two days, please call us every two days to keep us updated, unless otherwise agreed.

If your child is suffering from one of the three classic symptoms of the covid-19 virus – new or continuous cough, high temperature or lack of sense of smell or taste – please ensure you also book a PCR test for them as well as informing school of their absence. They will be unable to return to school unless a negative test result is received, or their isolation period is completed as appropriate. There may also be other circumstances under which we request that your child get a PCR test.

Request for leave of absence during term timeThere may be some extenuating circumstances when a leave of absence is required during term time which is not due to illness. Please refer to our Holidays during Term Time policy prior to making any request for leave. Please ensure the appropriate form is collected from the school office and completed, and the Headteacher spoken to, prior to requesting any such leave.

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